Copper-Color Process
Authentic copper shades ranging from pale pink to Bordeaux red

What is the Copper-ColorAL process?

The Copper-ColorAL process is a two-step electrolytic dyeing process for achieving typical copper hues on anodised aluminium surfaces. The process is similar to the conventional colouring process used for tin and is carried out using the two-component product Alficolor 672 and Alficolor 692. 


ü  Typical copper shades from pink to dark wine red on anodised aluminium

ü  Electrolytically dyed oxide layers, thus high colour stability

ü  Stabilised two-component system for uniform colouring and long bath life

ü  Easily reproducible shades with simple maintenance effort  

ü  Colour variants possible by modifying c, t, T and acidity

ü  Can be easily integrated into existing facilities

ü  Plant equipment for colouring tin can be used

ü  Individual components can be analysed

What colours can be achieved?

Several colour variations – an uncoloured reference sample is shown at top left

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